We’re living in a time of crisis. COVID-19 has become the largest global public health crisis in recent memory. We’re glued to our news feed, scrolling through articles, theories, and searching for a glimmer of good news in the midst of rising infection rates and diminishing supplies.

To contain the spread and flatten the curve, we’ve been advised to stay at home and to socially distance, always remaining 6 feet from others and leaving our houses and apartments only for essentials.

The irony is, in this time when we are forced to stay physically apart for the safety of ourselves and others, we also need each other more than ever. Strong relationships are closely tied to personal happiness, decreased stress, and overall well-being. If we let our relationships slip through the cracks while we are socially distancing or quarantining, it becomes harder to maintain optimism and remind ourselves that we’re not in this alone. 

Now, we must look for new ways to stay connected and we must put in the effort to create moments of quality time and thoughtfulness in a world full of unknowns. Whether it’s a phone call instead of a text, a video conference happy hour with friends, or a message to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, it’s those small bids for connection that add up. Many of us have found ourselves reaching out to friends who we may not regularly see or calling our family every evening just to check-in. While we can’t be together in person, if this leads to an over-correction in communication and support, then perhaps we are creating our own light in the darkness.

And, it is also the sense of community and belonging that can motivate us to stick to the tenets of socially distancing. If not for our own health, we must do it for our loved ones, for the elderly woman next door, for our colleague who suffers from an underlying health condition. Our relationships are the connections that remind us our actions don’t only affect the individual, they are tied to the greater good of humanity.

As we launch Keeepr, our hope is to provide you with an app that allows you to stay connected to loved ones, family, and friends. We developed this mission with a fast-paced world in mind, but, now, we continue that mission with an uncertain landscape ahead –– one that needs a new way to form strong relationships and social ties as we move forward. That means we will be here to deliver the tools and content you need to reframe your narrative around what it means to be present for your loved ones, to care for your friends, and to send a message that says, “I’m thinking of you and I’m here for you, even when we’re apart.”

Author by: Heather Bien | Copywriter Keeepr