Have you changed how you’re prioritizing relationships during Covid? We hear far too many negative stories of fractured families and romantic relationships under pressure, yet not enough about the positive changes that are quietly happening.

The pandemic has many of us stuck close to home day after day, and while that monotony can be taxing, it also has forced us to reconsider those with whom we spend our time. It’s brought us closer and deeper with those we’ve brought into our inner circle and maybe that’s something we want to hold on to as we move towards the hopeful end of this long, strange year.

Prioritizing Our Closest Relationships During Covid

Think back to where you were a year ago. Pull out those memories of the holiday party season, bouncing from soiree to soiree, making small talk with your colleague or discovering a new friend in your neighborhood. Who did you spend New Year’s with? Did you go to a large, glittery party with sparkling strangers? Maybe you met buddies in your extended social circle for happy hour on a weekly basis back in old fashion times.

All that ended in March. Acquaintances became antiquated. As we navigated –– and continue to navigate –– who to trust and who to spend our carefully social distanced time with, we found that we couldn’t waste those precious moments with anyone but our nearest and dearest. 

Stuck at home with significant others, family members, and roommates, we’ve spent time together under one roof; time that would likely never have happened in any other situation. 

Adult children left the city to stay with parents in the suburbs. Single friends joined friends in other cities. Roommates opened up about their biggest fears and their comfort level with the unknown. Partners tested the limits of togetherness. And, through it all, we reached a new level of emotional intimacy that brought those close to us even closer. 

Focusing on Our Quarantine Pods

Living through a worldwide pandemic, every interaction we have takes on new importance and we’ve focused on shrinking our circles to only those we trust to social distance, avoid risk, and always, always wear a mask in public. 

So consider what that’s meant for your relationships. Has your quarantine pod brought casual friends closer, knowing they’re the ones you can count on to uphold their end of keeping the risk level low? Or maybe you’ve dug in close to home, only seeing immediate family.

Your quarantine pod requires getting to know more about what drives these relationships and how comfortable others are with returning to normal life. You’ve likely spent hours in person and via technology, discussing everything from safety regarding weekend plans to the shows you’re binge watching during the week. You’ve shared anxieties about health, work, and even trips to the grocery store. They’ve been your constant companion throughout the pandemic, providing support and a listening ear when nerves were running high. 

And that’s why we’re looking at the positive here. You might be discovering a deeper level of closeness with these relationships than you ever would have pre-pandemic. Yes, things are hard. But you’ve got your people –– your quarantine pod –– by your side.

What’s Next for Our Relationships?

Once a vaccine is approved and life begins to trickle back to normal, what’s next? Will we continue to prioritize our relationships as we did during the pandemic? Or will we jump at the first opportunity to saddle up to a bar, chit chatting with strangers. 

We’d like to think we’ll find ourselves somewhere in the middle. Keeping in mind how meaningful it is to be vulnerable and supportive of those closest to us, while opening up to the relationships we have yet to find.

Author by: Heather Bien | Copywriter Keeepr