A good relationship is the single most important source for personal happiness. While we use the most sophisticated tools for our work, for our health, for our mobility and food, why is it that we don´t use the best means that are out there to cherish what is important to us? Our relationship!

Keeepr is your app-based companion that helps you care for your relationship the way it deserves it. It makes sure you stay in touch, it helps you remember the most important dates and it helps you find the right presents and events in due time. Or just simply, it helps you to make your partner happier, and that is exactly what will make you happier.

Keeepr is not only about not forgetting your anniversary, it´s not about making the best possible decisions for your relationship. Why not use the full transparency of the market to find the most beautiful evening event for you and your partner? And why not use AI to find your partner a present that he or she really really likes? Keeepr not only helps you remember the night, it helps you make it a night to remember.